My birthday

I had a great first-birthday-in-Africa a couple of weeks ago, and here are some pictures to prove it. Earlier in the day, my postmate and I visited the Tiket market just outside of town and (as always) found some great deals.  I got some clothes and fabric to make some more clothes.  Then in the evening, some folks over for a delicious dinner party.  In Cameroon the tradition is to buy other people drinks for your birthday, so that's what I did.  Sorry that some of the pictures are sideways.  I tried to fix it but the internet goes so slow that it would have taken forever.

Some of the birthday dinner--Fish and beer battered onion rings

23!  Also pictured, a giant salad

Dr. Eta (the chief of the district hospital where I work) and Jeremey (one of the Baptist missionaries that we randomly met that morning in the market)

Kaitlyn, Sani (my neighbor), and my African key lime pie birthday cake.  Notice that my candle was literally just a candle, but we make it work here in Banyo.


rockstar said...

Happy Birthday, then, and Happy Valentine's Day, tomorrow! I guess you got your mac cheese today?

Ben Reed said...

Hey Shannon, Happy Birthday from Montana! I am working (hopefully supplying solar water pumping systems) with a Montana based group whose mission is to provide potable water to people in Cameroon, somewhere north of Bamenda - cool, huh! Anyway, hope the birthday bash was good - it would appear so, and also looking forward to hearing more from you.

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